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Monday, 7 March 2016

WWT Arundel

Had various bits of shopping to do today; following that I then went over to WWT Arundel in the hope of seeing the Firecrest again..  I did see it but far too fast and far too hidden for any pics.

The Mallards were very active today, and the males looking really good in breeding plumage.

A few Dunnocks about..

And Goldfinches finding something to eat amongst the developing blossom..

Lots of Shelducks

and dozens of Black-headed Gulls

And one to add to the year list.. a Water Rail

Around the feeders, the usual culprits..

and the not so usual..

Male Mallards were aggressively chasing off other males

And outside the visitor centre, basking in the sunshine a male Mute Swan

The sunshine was lovely... but my goodness... it was very cold... almost raw out of the sun!!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Those shovellers are shelduck, are they not? Ask Mr Ponders, he would know.

Tricia Ryder said...

LOL - I'd realised I posted the wrong name.... a senior moment and altered it before I saw your pending comment... but thanks for the heads up Simon..

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