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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Scotney Castle in mist then glorious sunshine!!

I so love Scotney Castle.. such a romantic setting and room to stretch your legs.

I left early and arrived in thick mist!!  But I was the first one through the doors which is great for taking pictures..

I started down the hill.. the Castle was barely visible..

It was very still... not a breath of wind.. so great for reflections in the water..

Daffodils well in flower

Snoozing mallards

Mr Ponders and Ben Bear rather liked the view

Having a chat and admiring the view..

Mallards in flight.. just a record shot. camera not set up for flight shots!!

It started to get a bit brighter.. the mist was lifting a bit..

Almost perfect reflection of the boat house

The Spring Walk.. I didn't do it today..

Ooooh look .. blue sky!!!!

Ben would like to reinforce the request of the National Trust... I know the Orchids are lovely when in flower..

Sitting and gazing ..

and we stopped for a cuppa and a very nice Raspberry & White Chocolate Scone... sitting outside in the warm sunshine (no coats required) and a lovely view!

AS the sun was now out.. had a wander back down to the Castle..

What a difference the sun makes..

The Quarry Garden..  not open as frost damaged and steps slippery.

Walked back up the hill... sunshine!!

and a final look at the wonderful Camelias..

Great visit in glorious sunshine and Spring warmth . more like May than March!!

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