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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Venice Day 4 - Murano and Torcello

As we left the hotel, we noticed the sky had become blue and there was a strange orange ball in the sky... sunshine!!

We caught the boats and started our day on the quiet island of Torcello.  It's current inhabitants number 10, one of which is a priest..

This were named as Carla Goats by the people in the cafe where we stopped for a coffee.. but can't find anything similar by googling... if anyone knows?...

The Cathedral

Atilla the Hun's throne.. possibly ....

We stopped here for a very good lunch.  The sun was warm, the view was lovely as were the gardens where you could sit out for drinks.. and the meal was very tasty.

We wandered back ...

We passed a smallish pond where there were a pair of Garganey... I didn't manage a pic though Pete did!!

and got the boat over to Murano... island of Glass making

Very pretty glass flowers on the edge... they wouldn't service us with just a drink so we didn't stop

Think this is a Comma.. it's own shadow didn't help.

and finally on the boat again back to Venice..

Lovely day in wonderfully warm sunshine...

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Those goats are very handsome, and that comma looks a very deep shade

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