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Monday, 6 March 2017

Wisley Gardens where Spring colour is abounding

Met a friend at Wisley Gardens today for a walk.. in fact we walked about 6 kilometres!!

The sun was shining when I got there.. the crocuses looked marvellous!!

Bees were about as was this Red Admiral..

We walked through the Pinetum to the birdhide.. the birdsong was so lovely to hear.. just emphasising how starved I've been of that wonderful sound

Saw the usual culprits... including a Coal Tit (no pic) but Nuthatches were very much in evidence. just lovely

The river was swollen and fast running.. given the amount of rain we've had recently!!

Far off a robin posed and sang!


While we had lunch, Great Tits kept us company...

Magnolias almost out..

Lovely day in great company....


Roy Norris said...

Beautiful flowers Tricia and well done getting the Red Admiral.

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks Roy.. I was lucky enough to see another one flying across my front garden yesterday in the sunshine..

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