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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Venice Day 3 - A wet day.. we wandered the city!

The weather could have been better today - drizzle but annoyingly so, but we'd planned to spend the day exploring Venice...

We were headed for some gardens out towards the perimeter of the city; some we had not seen on our last visit..

On the way, a Little Egret dropped by...

We stopped for a coffee..

We were getting to boat back to St Marks... but it did't stop there but at Zattere .. so that's where we wandered..

the last time we visited this church, the Santa Maria Glorios dei Frari  pictures weren't allowed.. today they were!! :)

and then into the Scuola Grande de San Rocco.. which was decorated by Tintoretto - some amazing artwork, especially the ceilings..

Incredible ceilings!!

and off over the Rialto Bridge

We got on the boat to cross over to the island opposite

..... where we visited the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore

Amazing views over the city and lagoon..

A damp day but a goody...

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

If only I could dress in a Renaissance birdman-thing costume...

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