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Monday, 19 June 2017

A Castle, a harbour and a garden!

Twenty years ago today, my grandson was born in Truro... so seemed very fitting that I was on hols in Cornwall and not very far away on his birthday... so a very happy birthday to my grandson  - J.... :)

Amazing day blue skies but very very hot.  I had breakfast fairly early then headed out. Even at 8.30 in the morning it was hot with just a gentle sea breeze to cool.....

I walked along the coastal path ,,,

Ponders thought the sea looked very exciting!!
  Climbed further up the hill..

Then walked around the paths of Pendennis Castle
The Castle is an artillery fort construction byHenryVIII near Falmouth, between 1540 and 1542
and has stunning view from the surrounding area..

Got there before it opened but when it did.. I wandered up the hill to the visitors entrance and the cafe...

first stop ... a cold drink!!

and excellent views from the Fort itself...

  I'd seen a buzzard when I arrived and learned when chatting to one of the English Heritage staff that there are normally 3 'resident' buzzards..but recently only 1 has been seen.

It was hovering like a Kesrrel  :)  and although it came nearer, it then was chased off by gulls.
Record shot only.. didn't have the dSLR with me!!

Views from the top of the Keep

The Keep was reached by a couple of tunnels.. this being one of them on the way back up the hill

And as Fido was the only one who had a chance of staying upright on top of one of the guns in the sea breeze!

and then a walk back down and into the town...

First stop was the Life Boat Station..

Where I had a guided tour of the station and the life boats..

inside the 'cockpit' of the largest life boat..

A wander around the harbour and some lunch

Lunch time view..

Lunch time view..

and then a walk through the very pretty Gyllyngdune Gardens.. which were completed in 1907,  The original Edwardian Bandstand is still there and used for garden fetes and band concerts.

Before a further walk along the coastal road...

This cliff was covered in wild flowers.. and was so similar to the coast line of Guernsey..especially with the wild flowers

and down the steps..

to watch the sea breaking against the sea wall..

and finally back to the hotel...

Beautiful day out... a trifle on the warm side but managed to find shade at various points.

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Bet it was scorching up there!

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