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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Warnham LNR.. first visit for a few weeks!!

Managed to get to Warnham LNR today; first time in many weeks.

The pictures are record shots only.. but I was able to hold the camera up.,,, so this was more an assessment of what I could do rather than brilliant photographic quality pics!!  Well,,, that's my excuse...

Seemed to be 2 Adult and 2 young Common Terns.. there may have been more

Also spotted 2 Adult and 2 young Great Crested Grebes

A rather smart Chaffinch

A few orchids were growing

Water lily

And some sleepy Mallards

And a new hide!! This has appeared since my last visit pre April.

It's all complete and ready to go BUT  there's a pair of Reed Warblers nesting right outside one of the windows... currently feeding their young.. so opening of the hide has been put on hold!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia

Looks like there is improvement if you are now able to lift a camera.

You mention orchids growing but the image is of Betony (I think, may be wrong), which orchids did you see? I'm a bit of an orchid nut!!



Tricia Ryder said...

Hi Maurice. I'm really glad you're an Orchid nut... I realise now it's not an orchid at all although I didn't know what it was!! I don't know Betony.. I will google..

as ever I am grateful for your help!!!

and Did you have a good trip away?..

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia
Glad that's sorted, yes I'm a big fan of British wild orchids, have been for many years.

My trip to Bulgaria with Wild Echo Tours (my third) was superb. Mainly for butterflies, over 100 species seen including all the target species (I'm also a butterfly nut), but we saw moths, dragonflies, birds, several species of orchid and loads of other insects. The scenery was great. Lots of sites visited with a great tour guide, Mario. He is an expert in butterflies, birds and most insects. Previous trips were with Dobromir (Dobry as he likes to be called)the founder and owner of the company. There were ten of us and we all got on very well as a group. I took lots of pictures and I'm still going through them.

Check out their website, they do lots of bird watching trips, just up your street!!



Thinking about another trip there next year.

Tricia Ryder said...

oh wow.. that sounds the most amazing holiday.. right up my street

Will definitely check out the website ..thank you Maurice!!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Having two species of Orchid at our work was pretty exciting

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