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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Bosham Harbour at Low Tide

I was on my way somewhere else, when I had an urge to visit Bosham Harbour.
It was yet another hot day and I wanted to be near water...well,  was almost... the tide was still going out when I got there.. and continued to go out for most of my visit.  High tide is 20.21 tonight!

However, it was lovely to have a wander.. and not many people about either.. bonus!!

Decided to visit the local Church. Holy Trinity Church is considered to be the oldest site of Christianity in Sussex.. and the Church is depicted in the Bayeaux Tapestry,

Why such small front door?.. when a very high tide, it comes up some of the streets.. most houses near the sea end of the road have flood defences such as this..

At high tide - the cars in this pic would be floating in water!

Low tide in about 15 minutes.

A couple of Little Egrets feeding.. also saw a few Oystercatcher out in the main water way

Time to go... I drove along Shore Road.. something that you often can't do.. lovely to look back on Cosham from a new angle.

High overhead... 

Great unplanned visit... I rather like Cosham.. at any time of the year

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