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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Pulborough Brooks - flutters but a bit bird light

Haven't been to Pulborough Brooks for weeks.. so after a boring domestic morning I headed off just before lunch time for a wander

There was a breeze and the temperature was about 23 .. and sunshine.. just my sort of day!
I hope I've identified the flutters correctly but Maurice, if you see this, perhaps you could help me as usual?

Highlights in terms of birds... Kestrel, 2 Buzzards and a Red Kite.. heard Long Tailed Tits and saw wren and robin, and great & blue tits on the feeders.

Red Admiral


Ringlet.. (thanks Pete)

Small White

A rather bedraggled Painted Lady

Small or Common Blue?


Painted Lady

Red Kite

Brown Darter?

Large white?

Speckled Wood..

Small/Common Blue?

and young House Sparrows that kept me company whilst I had a sandwich and a cuppa for lunch


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Common blue - small blues are rather rare and are actually brown! Yes on the gatekeepers, dragonfly is a brown hawker I think rather than darter.

Conehead54 said...

Yes to Gatekeeper- the top 2 are females.
The butterfly labelled Ringlet isn't one but a dark male Meadow Brown!
Below this isa male Gatekeeper. Below this Gatekeeper on Creeping Thistle + photo below this of 2 Meadow Browns on Creeping Thistle
The blues are are Common Blue (Small Blue as well as being much smaller is quite dark + not really blue).
The white on the Purple Loosestrife doesn't look like a Large but can't see it well enough to be 100% sure- maybe Green-veined?
The dragonfly is a Brown Hawker- there isn't a species called Brown Darter. The hawkers are larger than darters + usually much more active.

Seems like you had a good day. It is a great reserve.

bailey1409 said...

Hi Tricia

The blues are both Common Blues. All the others appear correct.

The well worn Painted Lady is very much like one I saw today. A Gatekeeper was also missing three quarters of one wing and half of the other. How that happened I don't know but it was able to fly off at speed.



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