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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Arundel WWT for a very short wander!!

Well.... what a week and it's only Thursday.. so far this week?
Dental appointment, Chest Xray, an MRI scan today and a leak (at floor level) between the water mains outside the house and the stop-cock inside my house... I currently don't have a kitchen sink or any kitchen in that area as a minimum.. my thanks to Dean... my hero!!

So for half-an hour I had a wander around WWT Arundel - the sun was glorious as were the blue skies.. just wish I could have enjoyed them longer :D

On the Buddleia near my home...

and then a wander around Arundel..

unsurprisingly it's very quiet in terms of birds at this time of the year.. and I didn't have much tie either but....

All was quiet until a single Canada Goose flew in.. he definitely wasn't welcome!!

Best spent 30 minutes ever :D

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