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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Snowshill Manor and Bourton House & Gardens

Plan B.. as due to circumstances beyond my control, Plan A not possible todaty!!

And before I go any further,  I would like to wish a very special friend a very happy birthday for yesterday ... :) you know who you are ... xx

Didn't really feel up to driving to far today, so stayed local with a visit in the morning to
Snowshill Manor.. which was a lovely as every

The little villaga seems to grow each time I visit!  looking lovely

Lunch and then.

a visit to Bourton Gardens...had a bit more sunshine today than yesterday..

Lovely to see a Small Tortoisehell and a Small Copper!!

Not that I was being greedy at all!!

A lovely day out.. and so good to be lazy and just wander! 

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