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Saturday, 22 December 2007

A Birding Photo Call

Today I went to the London Wetland Centre with two very good friends Pete and Hugh. This was more to take photos than to spot anything unusual or rare. Had hoped to see the Bittern but it was the usual story; a fellow birder announcing "it was here 15 minutes ago"! Hey ho.

Not all the birds I photographed were wild. Although I took a great many pics I was getting very frustrated because they were not anywhere near satisfactory and were very blurred. Checked aperture, exposure and ISO - all seemed adequate to the, not so good, light conditions. I was then asked by "he who knows best" - "have you got IS (image stabilisation) on?" - "of course" I replied, as if this was a totally unnecessary question. So I checked the camera and... "NO" I said, and amid the ensuing laughter, I felt my face turn as red as Santa's outfit.

Here are the fruits of (some) my labours.

And these rather cuddly ones:

A great morning in excellent company - thanks guys!

And to top it all - a stop at Tescos' on the way home!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia
Welcome to the land of blogs.
I am very bad at posting regularly but am going to start properly after Christmas and try to do a daily posting unless I dont have internet access.
I think you will inspire me.
Some lovely pics here...and I laughed about the IS, so easy to overlook the small things.
I shall put you as a link on my blog

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