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Friday, 28 December 2007

An ordinary day

Nothing in particular to report today. Took Mum to my hairdressers to have her hair cut and she was absolutely delighted with it.

There's always a risk when you recommend a service/person/item/restaurant to someone else as not all tastes are the same. All of us have individual likes, dislikes, opinions etc. and it's good that we do. What a boring world it would be if we all thought the same. So - relief that my recommendation was successful.

My son and his step-son, my daughter and grandson came back from Bristol today so it was great to have a "mini" Christmas with them. Son and step-son then returned home to Bristol having had not too bad a journey on the M4.

A few weeks ago when I'd been watching the antics of the birds in the garden, it struck me quite strongly how very lucky I was to have the opportunity of seeing so much wildlife literally on my doorstep. So, in a feeling of gratitude, I took pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and the following was the result.

I'm no poet and I'm sure those who know more about scanning, rhyming etc. will probably cringe if they have the time to read it; but this is offered as entertainment only and not to win any literary prizes. Here goes....

My garden friends

My garden friends, I love them all
From the visiting fox to the wren, so small
They delight the senses with their colour and charm
But how I wish the Robin would come sit on my arm

No matter the weather, they arrive to delight me
I’ll steer clear of the fox, in case he should bite me
Parakeets in their brilliance will gather at dawn
So noisy and perky, and me with a yawn.

The tits, great, blue, coal and long-tailed
Have arrived at the feeders, a sight I beheld
When watching the garden as dawn was a-breaking,
And me with a coffee that had been in the making.

The finches, they squabble, green and gold in the sun
I’m lucky there are several, not merely the one
The woodpigeon is bathing, oh no not again
The bath is now empty – more water needed – ahem!

I espy quick movement, what’s that moving past?
A little brown field mouse, he scurries so fast
More movement is seen, but flying this time
It’s a wren, I declare, such a favourite of mine.

Out in the garden with trowel in my hand
Down on my knees as though digging in sand
What is that red breast I see with my eye?
It’s my robin, my companion, as weeds I defy.

Jays in the Oaks, oh my what a racket
As they and the crows, in their very black jackets,
Together with magpies, very dapper indeed
Fight overhead, rather than dine on the seeds.

For the birds, I’ve not mentioned, please do not feel left out
I know you are there flying round and about
Nor the frogs, and all those whose home is my pond
Dashing about through the plants and the fronds

At the end of my day, when I sit back with content
And think of you all and what you have meant
You give me such joy, pleasure, entertainment and fun
Oh dear it’s so late, I’ll now have to run

My garden is always such a constant delight
and movement is there through day and the night
So to all my creatures, large, small or tall
It is I who should say, a big thank you - to all.

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