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Thursday, 27 December 2007

Thursday found my mother and I visiting RHS Wisley. 'Twas a very mild, cloudy and dull day so not very good for pictures. We visited the new Glasshouse again and I took the Macro lens with me. Mum has to use a wheelchair now so we stuck to the paths; however, it's very useful having the chair to carry my camera bag - luxury!

Whilst I was fiddling with the camera a very nice Mr. & Mrs armed with their Canons came and spoke to us (some people actually do this!) He asked: "what wide-angle lens have you got?" "Not the one I want", I replied. He had a Canon D40 (green green with envy) and the Sigma lens I've been seriously contemplating. A camera/lens discussion followed and he volunteered his camera with his Sigma 17 - 35 lens for me to look "through". WOW - loved the camera and lens.

This now presents me with a dilemma. I had been considering the Sigma 18 - 50 or the Tamron 17 - 50 and had decided on the Sigma 18 - 50 BUT the 17 - 35 now is very attractive.

However, my next lens is 100 - 400 and I think the gap between focal lengths of 35 - 100 is too great so I shall probably go back to Plan 1 and opt for the Sigma 18 - 50. Pete has the Tamron 17-50 lens and although his camera is only a Nikon (said she ducking!) I was very impressed with the Tamron as well.

So, next week when I'm back in a normal routine, I'm definitely off to the camera shop.

The fruits of my labour in the Glasshouse follows. I'm dissatisfied with all the pictures so these are just a flavour of what we saw.


Pete said...

ahem, I will ignore the only a Nikon comment.

I use a Tamron 17-50. The sigma I use is a 10-20.

new camera as well??

Tricia said...

Pete - sorry I got the facts wrong. I've amended my post accordingly (she bows out red in the face!)

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