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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A Walk in Bushey Park

Went for a wander this morning with my daughter and her dog; a beautiful border collie. Although quite cold, the sun was shining, only a slight breeze and some hazy mist.

The first highlight was seeing three Green Woodpeckers popping up from the autumnal bracken. Unfortunately, too far away for a picture.

We avoided the lake areas in deference to Bukra's (the dog) ears as, if they get wet, they cause problems for her.

Lots of Long-tailed tits around and we were serenaded by their "twitterings" as our walk progressed.

One of the Red Deer was still "roaring" and was certainly active in successfully chasing a hind; many of the males still having their antlers.

We then came across a large herd of fallow deer and much to our delight there were some very cute and cuddly youngsters, with their bodies covered in what looked more like "fur" than their Mums and Dads coats.

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