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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Bramblings and Homework

Sitting watching and counting garden birds this morning, I was pleased to see the, now regulars, of a female blackcap and five siskins (two males and three females). And yes, Mr. Brambling was also present. "He's moving about rather quickly" I thought. Then realised that my Brambling population had increased by 100% and I now have two! Yes! Result!

For a brief few minutes in the early morning at this time of the year, the sun filters through the neighbour's Viburnum to cast sunshine on the Brambling's favourite tree. So managed to get a picture, albeit a record shot.

Later on, J, B and I walked across our local public golf course to give us all a breath of air and some exercise. Not that we needed much after yesterday's marathon.

Home for lunch and afterwards .......

Have you done your homework?

Grandson J is doing a school project over a period of weeks as his mother used to when she was a child! The hours spent at the library that although rewarding did take a chunk out of the end of a school (the kids!) and working day (me); the library, of course, was closed on Sundays when we had more time. So how did we ever manage without the net? What a host of information available and good book references - think Amazon might be benefitting from us if we can't find the relevant material in the Library!

Whilst the web will never, in my view, replace the pleasure found in books, it certainly does narrow down the results for the relevant material!

1 comment:

Eagleseagles said...

Go on rub it in then!


Just jealous of the Brambling.
I love their colour - so spring like!


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