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Sunday, 24 February 2008

On the spur of the moment!

Today was meant to be homework in the morning. But.. the sun was shining... But I wanted to purchase a binocular harness at the shop (they didn't have any in stock!) ... but.. but...

So I asked J (grandson) if he would like a trip to Barnes and then homework in the afternoon and he readily agreed, so off we went.

J was in his element and looked like a proper birder with my spare binocs (which he put to good use) slung around his neck.

Met Pete there who had already seen the Water Vole - the WWT had put some carrots out for him (the Water Vole that is - not Pete; conjures up image of said Pete perched on a small raft amongst the reeds, nibbling sliced carrots - hmmm!). Unfortunately for me I didn't get a picture worth keeping as a phone call distracted me - which was a tad irritating. It was then too close for the camera to focus - must look into that! Really irritating!

However, it was an enjoyable unplanned morning in Spring-like weather. And J declared it a great success.

Some pics of birdies - some are collection birds, one very hairy bird, and one mystery bird having taken up residence in a nest box; but they were all posing so nicely....

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