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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A quick trip to London Wetland Centre

I nipped over to the London Wetland Centre at Barnes today to purchase a harness for my binoculars.

Of course I couldn't resist trying to find the Water Vole. One of the volunteers advised that it hadn't been seen today - and it remained that way. The food, that was in plentiful supply last Saturday, was non-existent today. It was also quite windy making the rushes rustle. My understanding is that Water Voles don't like to much noise and therefore it's quite possible that the rustling put them off coming out.

And I had the camera with me..... I'm becoming quite attached to Puna Teals (although they're captive birds); I love their colours and the quiet gentleness about them. The Tufties were showing their tufts very visibly in the breeze today and the Mallards were gleaming iridescently in the bright sun.


Island Rambles Blog said...

I love the ducks today, especially the tufty. We had one arrive here last year. That looks like a shoveller at the top there. I like your blog. I will come back and visit often.

Tricia said...

Thanks for your kind comments Ocean. And yes, they're shovelers.

Mel said...

Nice looking ducks!

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