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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Exercising in Painshill Park.

"Today was tropically warm and the sun hung in a deep blue sky whilst bluebirds sang their songs in the trees above; turtle doves cooed in the afternoon warmth and the sound of the gently lapping waves provided a musical backdrop as I walked feeling the sand between my toes.

The opening buds of Mimosa painted yellow dots on the soft branches of green, and the scent of flowers enveloped me"

Tis good to dream........ :D (just in case you thought I'd lost the plot completely)

The morning started somewhat differently to that as mentioned above, but.... I had another unexpected visitor - this time a female Reed Bunting! Assuming I'm correct with my ID that means I've now had a male and female so........

Records shots only!

I wanted some exercise but the weather was dreadful. It stopped raining so I headed off for Painshill. Much to my surprise the Goosanders were still there. Initially I spotted a male and 4 four females. Whilst I watch they flew up the other end of the lake and I continued my walk.

I counted 24 mute swans which is a huge number for here. There seemed to be two families; one of 7 cygnets and another of 5. I'm surprised they are still together and would have thought the young would have left by now.

And another record shot - I'm getting good at record shots!

I continued walking and was entertained by the pictures that old age had wrought on these splendid trees!

Walking through the woods, a Redwing darted away from me. The Kingfisher remained just a thought today though.

The lake was still today without much wind...hopefully there will be a bit of colour before too long!

The dozens of Canada Geese were so noisy; away over on the middle island of the lake it was obvious they were pairing up with the males noisily defending their partners and territory. Quite a few greylag geese about and numbers will increase. The young Great Crested Grebe from last year was still visible; about 24 Gadwall - not seen that many here before. Loads of Tufties, Coots and Mallards and a solitary Grey Heron. Nuthatches called and robins, blue and great tits dashed about. A woodpecker "bounced" overhead on a mission to somewhere. The birds are getting busier :D

On my last visit I'd heard Buzzards but not today. Last year they nested here so I shall be keeping my eyes open.

Walking up the left hand side of the left-hand side of the lake (it really does make sense as the right-hand land you can see here is a peninsular) is where I saw even more Goosanders on my way back. Having seen the original five in another area, I now counted 5 males and 3 more females - making 12 in total. I do hope for better light so I can get back before they leave!

The snowdrops carpeted many areas now they've really come into flower.

I decided to walk up the hill through the conifer and silver birch woods.

On the way up, I passed some very old tree stumps.... this looks more like a sculpture

"The Hermitage" - another of the follies but fascinating nonetheless. Built on the side of the hill
and when you turn round, this is the view. And this is where to see the buzzards hunting I am told!

At the very top is the Tower. You can climb to the very but although I've done it, I gave it a miss today.

I headed back down and from my lofty perch the "other side" of the lake came into view.

The rain came back again so I stowed away the camera and headed off home. Not bad in terms of birds considering I'd just gone for a walk expecting not to see very much!

And I'd attached the landscape lens before heading out; the numbers of times I changed lens today is crazy!


Anonymous said...

Yes I thought you had flipped for a moment there Tricia. Thats female Reed Bunting and nice shots as well.
Great winter woodland scenes you have taken and I love the snowdrops.

ShySongbird said...

Reed Buntings in the garden...oooh you are lucky :)

'Tropically warm'! Wouldn't that be wonderful? It really is getting a bit much now, I think we are all fed up with it.

I loved the old tree trunks, I bet they could tell a tale or two.

holdingmoments said...

Once I'm up to 'jogging' speed, that looks to be a good place to visit. ;)
Love that little Hobbit house too lol

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
I was stunned by the two pictures (close-up) of the trees. They seem so old and have a so nice shape... Fantastic trace of the past...

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful shots. I love the old tree trunks especially.

Anonymous said...

I really did think you had lost it!! with that opening Tricia, lol.
Yes you have a lovely female Reed Bunting, and ain't she beautiful in her 1st winter plumage. Love those trees too.


Miranda Bell said...

Some lovely pictures as ever Tricia - I particularly loved the ones of the old Oak trees - some wonderful bark - all twisted and gnarled... lovely sunny day here today but still v. cold - more of the same tomorrow - off to measure up for a new design so am hoping the temperatures will be kind to me! Take care Miranda

Janine said...

The "hermitage" looks like a great place to live with a nice view ;)

Tricia Ryder said...

Roy - thanks. Snowdrops everywhere now and such a great herald to forthcoming Spring.

Jan - I'm sure you're right about the trees. The Park dates back to the 17th century - the trees? Well....

Keith - As soon as you're up to speed I'd be pleased to be your guide when you can get "down this way" :D Someone actually lived in the Hermitage for a while with the agreement of Painshill!! Don't think I'd have enjoyed it though.

Chris - I'm sure the trees are very old. I love their gnarled look.

OC - the old trees are amazing and so interesting.

Miranda - thank you. Glad you had some sun despite the cold. I love old trees - they have so much character. Hope the new design went well - good luck!

Janine - the view's excellent - the amenities somewhat lacking though ;)

karen said...

Another beautiful set of photos Tricia, and nice to see the Reed Bunting pics, i have had 2 in my garden for the last couple of weeks!!Im very pleased about that!! x

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