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Saturday, 6 February 2010

A new Hybrid?

Today I went to Barnes - but nothing about and the light was dreadful. As I headed off from home it wasn't too bad but the mist came down the further north I travelled. Although it brightened up late on, by then it was time for home.

However!! Yesterday I had a wander in Bushy.

This squirrel was being fed peanuts in their shells by a well-prepared visitor.

Whilst another was playing hide-n-seek with me as it raced up a tree.

Ah - think she's spotted me!

But this duck was the most curious find of the day. When first spotted it was swimming with the Red-crested Pochards but I then saw it later and it was with the Tufted Ducks.

Now I'm sure it's mostly Tufted Duck but..... it's got the green of a mallard on its face and the red head of a Red Crested Pochard.

So what is it I wonder? And what shall we call it? (Entries on a postcard please...aka comments!)

I shall go back when I can in good light and hopefully get some better shots.

This very pretty bird is back again. I think it's a female Wigeon?

I wandered through the woods and came across more snowdrops bursting into flower.

The Mahonia was just out... in a few days this should be glorious. And there were a few bees buzzing around!

Cornus reflections in the Woodland Garden

I'm beginning to feel more convinced that Spring might be just around the corner... Oh I do hope so......


Eagleseagles said...

The brown headed duck looks like a Goldeneye female to me.

The funny Tufty - is a Mohican Green headed Tufted Duck!LOL!


Billy D said...

Hi Tricia,

Your mystery hybrid is a Tufted Duck x Red crested Pochard. I was just as confused as you were when I first saw it...


oldcrow61 said...

Those squirrels are delightful. Great shots once again. I can't imagine seeing snowdrops at this time of year. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia,once again great photo's.
Now Ducks are really not my thing,
but i would say 1st, male Tufted duck.
2nd. female Wigeon. Pete is the Duck-Man.


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thats one scary but interesting hybrid, second is deffo a female wigeon.



Bob Bushell said...

Great photos Tricia.

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Tricia - hope you're having a good weekend - love the pics of the Mrs Squirrel and also of the spring blooms... love the reflections of the Dogwoods too!
Take care - Miranda

Catpriestess said...

Hi Tricia,
First time commenting on your wonderful blog! Your pictures always make me smile or go "ahhhh!" Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic work :)

Tricia said...

C - Good description.

Bill - I don't know how long it's been there but I've only just spotted it. I agree about the parentage but the green in the head is a bit of a mystery though.

OC - Thank you. The snowdrops are just starting to open up. The Squirrels are very tame in that part of the gardens; I think they know they will get a meal.

Paul - Thanks. I did consult the Duck Man ;) We're all agreed that it's a female Wigeon.

Dave - it's really on odd looking bird isn't it; there's something about the shape of the head that looks so very odd.

Bob - thank you :)

Miranda - Hi there. A bit of a dull weekend here unfortunately - rather a grey day again. Dogwoods are almost at their best at this time of the year when you can see the stems so well.

Catpriestess - welcome and thank you for your very kind comments. I'm so pleased you enjoy my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, the Duck I would guess to be the result of a Male Pochard crossed with a female Ferruginous Duck. The other is definitely a female Wigeon. Beautiful snowdrops.

ShySongbird said...

There are some very odd hybrids about, very confusing!

Lovely photos Tricia, I love the Squirrel and so cheering to see the Snowdrops :)

neil said...

Great photos. That hybrid is rather interesting

Warren Baker said...

A very interesting Duck there Tricia, are you any more the wiser for all the comments. :-)

As for spring, well it wont be this week, more cold and frost on the way.

AnneTanne said...

It seems the weather is just a little bit milder than here in Belgium.
Since a few days, there are some snowdrops around, but they are only showing their buds, not opening them yet.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
Your hybird is a tufted-common pochard one, it is quite common indeed and the female is a wigeon as you said ;-)
You still got nice pictures of them even if the light was not that nice...

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