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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Third time lucky!!

Yesterday (unlike today!!) - the sun shone and the sky was blue. The temperature rose woo hoo. A beautiful day - out I must go.

I headed off for Painshill Park with the intention of taking pictures of Goosanders in good light for a change. The traffic was unusally heavy as I neared but it seemed to be by-passing the park entrance. I turned in - I turned around - I headed off! A combination of free entry, sunshine and half-term ensured that everyone had arrived. I wasn't queuing for the car park and the peace and quiet I needed was unlikely despite the park's vastness.

So where to? As I was near the main arterial road for Barnes a trip to the Wetland Centre seemed appropriate. 15 minutes later as I sat in solid traffic without moving, I was annoyed to be wasting the day. It transpired that there was a gas leak and subsequently the road repairs meant a contraflow system of north and southbound traffic - normally enjoying two lanes apiece!

Oh well - I headed off for Bushy Park thinking it unlikely I'd get in a car park but there were a few places left.

I had a walk for a couple of hours just enjoying the spring-like conditions.

Nothing new or different in terms of birds but...
this female Mallard obviously thought the day wasn't that bad either :)

and a Coot was experiencing a bit of a "woo hoo" mood too!

The sunlight on this Red-crested Pochard really showed it in its true colours..
and the female Wigeon gazed about her..

They really are such pretty birds.

The TuftyPoch was still around and the colours much more noticeable!
Who said female Mallards were dull?

Coots were starting nest building - quite small creations for the moment.

And!! I was so pleased to see a Great-Crested Grebe back. I wonder if it will have a partner soon?
It went fishing..

And the Rose-ringed Parakeets were investigating holes in the trees as possible nesting holes.

Amazing how a bit of sunshine and warmth will lift the spirits. Pity it couldn't have lasted though :(


Chris said...

Wow I'm happy you got some fun and sun!! The red-crested pochard picture is wonderful but you got plenty of nice one around! Well done, much more easier when it is sunny isn't it?

Warren Baker said...

loverly Duck Photo's today Tricia.

No sunshine here, just rain, mist and cold. I did record only my second ever Tufty on my patch though. ;-)

Catpriestess said...

I was sitting here all gloomy even in sunny California and then I read your post which put such a smile on my face. Your photos, the "voice" of the birds and their joy you so beautifully expressed. Thank you so much for sharing the wonder in life that may be.

Eagleseagles said...

Where was this sun? Rain all day here!

I even got out canvassing and it was damp then rained!

Feel like you and Pete live on another planet! or is it in a parallel universe!LOL!;)

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos throughout Tricia, great capture of the GCG with the fish and I also loved the Parakeet popping out of the hole.

You did better than us, we had rain most of the day yesterday and snow all day today!

holdingmoments said...

Glad you managed to get somewhere eventually Tricia. And sun. Rain and snow here all day lol
Beautiful shots; love the laughing Mallard in the first.

Anonymous said...

A nice set of images Tricia, with plenty of "Woo hoo' as well.

Midmarsh John said...

Great set of photos Tricia. Yes, the weather is so variable, even during the course of a few hours. One minute blue sky, the next a hailstorm.

Foody said...

What great photos. It's refreshing when people like yourself are so excited about the 'ordinary' birds. Some people are only satisfied if they see something rare and are disappointed if they don't.

Müge said...

Hello Tricia,

I've discovered your beautiful blog via Chris's. I'm glad you had a spring day in February after so much snow. Your photos are great and giving me joy! :-)

Have a delightful new week,


Tricia said...

My apologies for not responding to your comments before this!

Chris - the sun didn't last unfortunately so even better to have seen it that day!

Warren - the ducks were rather posing.

Wendy (Catpriestess) - thank you for visiting and your comment. And I'm glad my post made you smile. Gloomy in California?

C - think we were talking different days.

SS - thank you - I hope your weather has improved - not here I'm afraid.

Keith - eventually being the operative word! The laughing Mallard is rather appealing.. :)

Roy - thank you - the birds did seem to be celebrating.

John - At least we have variety in the weather! That's the best we can say for the moment though I think!

Food - thank you for visiting and for your comment. It's the ordinary birds that make for the interest all year round isn't it.

Muge - Hi to you and thank you for visiting and your kind comment - glad you found your way here.

Spring seems to have disappeared again for the moment though :(

Yoke, said...

Great birds and photos, Tricia.

Hope the birds didn't get an overdose on bread offered by the many picnic families.

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