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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Grey and deserted Barnes - well - almost!

Well - just when is this weather going to improve.

Please could someone

a) paint the sky blue;
b) create a wonderful orange globe in the sky; and
c) turn the heating on again.
d) help to get rid of my winter blues....
Just a small plea really....

My camera is suffering from neglect and my car is feeling deprived of going anywhere other than local. Today was another "local" as I ignored the skies and headed off to Barnes.

Very quiet in terms of birds; very noisy in terms of children - The Wetland Centre are playing host to small animals this weekend - small enough for children to pet.

Nonetheless there were a few birds of interest about but "few" is the word of today. And (please imagine a rather suspect French accent here;) "I shall say this once, and only once" - the light was dreadful!!

There were two of these Cormorants near to one of the hides. Someone identified them as "European Cormorants". Later on in the day one flew past, so whether there are 2 or 3 remains to be seen..

A water rail was playing with a rather dejected-looking fish not that far from the hide.

These lovely tactile pussy-willow buds made me want to reach out and touch them

A Blue Tit gazed down on me from its lofty perch..
before flying off for adventures new..

Further on a Great Tit perched for a while..

A Gadwall swam lazily around.
And this Great Crested Grebe, in breeding plumage, swam by. A volunteer had witnessed a "weed dance" by a pair of Grebes - so they obviously think it's spring! I must start checking the usual Grebe hotspots during the coming week!

It dived and caught a fish - pity it turned its back on me!

With freezing cold fingers and toes I decided enough was enough and headed off for a coffee and some chips before setting off for home.

Not a bad trip out albeit a chilly one!


Pete said...

nice to see a rail out

oldcrow61 said...

The picture of the blue tit in flight is absolutely wonderful. I'm so envious, your pictures are beautiful.

* Shaz * said...

Fabulous photo's Tricia..know what you mean about the winter blues can't be much longer now though surely!!

Warren Baker said...

it's always darkest before the dawn! Spring is nearly here, looking forward to it!!

I like that blue tit flight shot too.

Bob Bushell said...

I love the Water Rail and the Great Crested Grebe, they are beautiful, in my book. I am sorry for your fingers, never mind it will be spring again soon.....

mick said...

When the weather is that bad most birds fly south - and OUR weather right now is still warm and sunny :-) However, your spring weather should be soon as the migratory shorebirds are putting on their bright breeding colors preparatory to flying north again.

The Early Birder said...

Tricia, we are all praying for sunshine soon but I regret the forecast is not what we want!
Smashing shots of the Water Rail which I searched for elsewhere today without success, but that's birding! FAB.

Razboynik said...

Love the Water Rail.
I'll see what I can do about the weather... ;-)

Janine said...

Great shots of the rail! Not an easy bird to capture.

Midmarsh John said...

Weather conditions are so variable. A couple of days ago we had your blue sky and orange globe, and yes I could feel the warmth from it. Unfortunately it was a one off and we are now back to cloud and drizzle.

Enjoyed the photos of the water rail, especially as I have never seen one.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
I guess everybody feels a bit the same, but for us over here I think the winter blue is almost gone... Although the weather is getting bad again, at least the days are getting longer, so that's definitively better...
you still manage to get beautiful shots and I really love the flying (taking off) blue tit picture... it is really really well taken and sharp but not too much, just as it should be!!!
Well done, I love this post!

Anonymous said...

Well Tricia, it may be cold and grey. But your photo's once again make my day! that Water Rail must be as fed up as us all to show like that, well taken. The in flight Blue Tit, there is only one word, WOW. You really have your flight shots off too a tee, great photo's.


holdingmoments said...

Despite the light Tricia, you've captured some great pictures.
That flying Blue Tit is perfect. His wings look like two big fans.

digibirder said...

I agree about the weather, although it wasn't too bad today.

I love the images, but I especially like that pussy willow.

Tricia said...

Pete - the're a few of them about at Barnes at the moment - often heard but not seen...

OC - just lucky that I had the camera on it when it decided to take off!

Shaz - thank you - I'd like to think that spring weather will start say, tomorrow? not likely though

Warren - I believe you! and Thanks....

Bob - my fingers recovered quite quickly - amazing what a hot cuppa can do to restore the circulation.

Mick - enjoy your warmth.... and could you send some over here please?

Frank - thank you and I hope all our prayers will soon be answered. You'll have to come over to Barnes before too long..

Razboynik - thank you and anything you can do about the weather will be great appreciated ;)

Janine - thanks. Yeah - they're normally skulking in the reeds somewhere.

John - at least we can't get too bored with the weather as it changes so often.

Chris - yes, I think we're all in the same boat! And thank you again :D

Paul - I'm glad I made your day - very kind of you to make such lovely comment... always appreciated.

Keith - The wings are a bit fanlike now you come to mention it!! I was in a hide when I took the Rail pictures so at least I had something to rest the camera on to keep it still!

Digi - thank you; really encouraging to see the pussy willow. I noticed from your blog today that you had all the sunshine - lovely :D

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