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Thursday, 25 February 2010

A tale of some frogs....

Are frogs creatures of habit? I've had a pond in the garden since May of 2006. Obviously that year it was too late for any frogs to have spawned. The following years were successful and the first spawn was produced on 20 February 2007, and the same date 25 February 2008 and 25 February 2009.

And looking back at that post for 2009 the weather was far different on that day than it is today!

I've been out creeping around the pond with torch in hand, during the course of the last few evenings, (and so far no-one's appeared to take me away) peering for activity. Certainly for the last couple of nights there have been frogs in the pond. And, again, tonight (Wednesday 24th) there were 5 frogs and on this occasion there was an obvious pair.

So, I was very keen to see what was going to greet me on the morning of 25 February 2010! And???? Well a couple of frogs startled by my presence dived down to the depths and that was it! No spawn today....

I'm not going to be able to watch over the next couple of mornings but I hope to find some before too long.

And last Saturday the sun shone and the light was excellent. Pity there weren't many birds about at Barnes though... but these showed well

I think this is a Common Gull (the aerial bird that is)..

This starling was singing for joy in the sunshine..
and a Cormorant treated us to a fly pass!
Blue Tit.
and a Lapwing... the sunshine really does bring out their colours.


Warren Baker said...

Hi Tricia,
Indeed frogs are creatures of habit, and will use the same pond year on year, I hope you are successful in finding some spawn soon.

PS looks good for Common Gull. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia,
Yes it looks like a Common Gull (Adult-Winter). Love to see the Lapwings any time. (Creeping around the garden pond at night, ought to be "Sectioned".) {:)

Chris said...

Excellent post with a nice light Tricia...
Your pictures are superb and I love the lapwing and the blue tit shot a lot...
Now you can laugh because we are under the snow today. It started yesterday and will only stop on Sunday ;-)

Midmarsh John said...

Hello Tricia. Your link back to 2009 appears to have a spurious full stop at the end which keeps giving me a page not found error. Works OK if the full stop is removed.

I was surprised to see a pair of frogs in my pond a week ago. Nothing came of it which was probably as well as the pond has frozen over twice since then.

Randy Emmitt said...


I was hoping for photos of your frogs! Still a good read.. I have featured the Upland Chorus Frog yesterday as they are calling here in the southeastern US now.

Wilma said...

Love the lapwing, Tricia! and I hope that frogs are creatures of habit because I am surely looking forward to more in our pond.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, cracking photo's again.
Spot on with the Gull in flight. Its a 2nd winter Common Gull.
The one on the ground is a 1st winter Black Headed Gull.
Good luck with your frogs.


oldcrow61 said...

I envy you your frogs. I'd love to have some in the garden. Great pictures once again. I do like that Starling.

holdingmoments said...

I reckon the frogs are a little behind this year. Not seen any spawn at the local lakes either.
I think you're right about the gull Tricia; looks like a Common Gull to me.
Nice shot of the Cormorant too.

Phil Wallace said...

Hi Tricia, Yes, Common gull is right. The one on the ground is a black-headed.

Regards, Phil.

Tricia said...

Quite note: my apologies that the link to the frog pictures didn't work and my thanks to John (Midlmarsh) for letting me know. It's now amended and working :D

Warren - fingers crossed but none yet.

Roy - Common Gull thanks! Lapwings are numerous at Barnes and in the sunlight wonderful.

Chris - thank you. The good light made all the difference.

Hi Randy - if you click on the (now amended) link, you will see the frogs from last year. I will pop over to see yhour Upland Chorus Frogs shortly.

Wilma - When I see them and the spawn (hopefully!) in daylight I will get some pictures!

Paul - thank you. Seems my gull knowledge is increasing just a little.

OC - When mine feel like a holiday I'll suggest they pop over to stay with you :D

Phill - thanks for confirmation with the gull ID. Black-headed I was OK with as that's the majority gull around here ;)

Tricia said...

Keith - Like you I've not seen spawn anywhere yet. Hardly surprising considering the long spell of cold weather. And now with all the rain the pond looks likely to burst its banks....

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