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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Captive but captivating and Happy Birthday LWC

The forecast was for rain; the forecast was correct!! I headed off locally and went to Barnes.

I arrived with the rain. So I had no choice but to head for the cafe where breakfast was still on the menu - so how could I resist the full English to start the day ;)

I had forgotten that today was the celebration of the London Wetland Centre's 10th birthday. So there's various activities to celebrate this event.

Sir David Attenborough has given a couple of evening's talks regarding the centre. It was a tadge on the expensive side so I wasn't able to go.

Today a Falconer was exhibiting some of his Birds of Prey and, although captive birds, they are wonderful to see. No flying demonstration as the weather was very wet! Had it been dry, there would have been a small demo in the courtyard area.

Herewith some of those birds!

I think one of my favourites - Tawny Owl

Kestrel - I'm always surprised by how small they are. They look so much bigger when flying or hovering!

I just wasn't ready for this shot when the Kestrel had a wing stretch. But I rather like the softness of the outstretched wings.

And how can one resist a Barn Owl :D

There were two Peregrine Falcons and most of the time they were hooded; apparently they are nervous when people are around but when the numbers (of humans!) reduced the Falconer removed the hood. Wonderful birds!

I wandered off for a looksee around the reserve; but the rain started coming down in torrents and I just had enough time to grab some pics of flowers covered in raindrops!

Back in the Observatory around mid-day, Gyles Brandreth (who lives nearby and had been instrumental in getting the Centre off the ground 10 year's ago) came to "officially" cut the birthday cake. He was, in fact, very funny and entertaining and no-one could doubt his amazing enthusiasm for the centre and applause for the staff who "make all possible"

So that was that! After a coffee and a "catch up" with some fellow birding/photography acquaintances, I headed off for home! A little soggy but nonetheless an enjoyable few hours!


Midmarsh John said...

Looks like you had a great time in spite of the much needed precipitation. Love the BoP shots. The soft wings on the Kestrel are just right to give the impression of movement. Sometimes when everything is in sharp focus I think it can end up looking like a stuffed exhibit.

Gaina said...

That second photo of the Kestrel is fabulous! :D

Nobody can resist the Barn Owl, they are experts in Ninja Strigidae Mind Control. :P

Bob Bushell said...

A great day for the birds, certainly for the Kestrel with it's wings out. Great photographs.

The Early Birder said...

Super images of the captive species, especially like the Gyrfalcon. Well at least you got out...I spent the day 'shredding'!

Janine said...

Great shot of the kestrel. What a lovely cake.

Anonymous said...

The bird shots are absolutely stunning Tricia.

Little Brown Job said...

Great post Trisha with some cracking images.

Tricia said...

John - thank you. I couldn't agree more about over sharpening. (Although I suspect I may have been guilty of that from time to time)

Gaina - thanks - I do like the softness of it. And lol - I like your Ninja Strigidae Mind Control!

Bob - thank you it was a privilege to see them.

Frank - many thanks. Hopefully you are now fully shredded ;)

Janine - the cake was interesting but not quite as much as they kestrel.

Roy - thank you very much. It was great to have them sitting and posing (in the main!)

Paul (LBJ) Many thanks - glad to see you here and glad you enjoyed the post.

TonyC said...

Lovely pics of the raptors Tricia

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