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Friday, 14 May 2010

More Grebes!!

A couple of days ago, I had my second young visitor. This time a young Blackbird who came for a drink from the pond. A couple of days later and the third youngster was a Goldfinch.

There have been also a couple of Jays visiting. Jays visiting the garden is not unusual but these two seem to be a pair.

Had a wander over to Barnes. The Great Crested Grebes have abandoned their original nest and built another in a different part of that area of water. Neat that they've done so not too far from a hide!

A coot came a little too close to the nest and, I'm glad to say, the Grebe showed some aggression and chased it off!

I thought we were in for a full dance but it was just a bit of head waggling!

Further around, one of the many warbles in full voice. I think this is a Reed Warbler given its rather plain colouring. But if you know any different....

A little Grebe was diving for fish..

whilst a Grey Heron had a good scratch :D

Just a brief post today but more pics in the pipeline!


Naturedigital said...

Great photographs again Tricia. You are lucky to see all these beautiful birds around you. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend.

holdingmoments said...

Reed Warbler it is Tricia; and not easy to get, as they usually skulk amongst the reeds.
Love that Heron having a scratch, and lucky you having Jay's visit.
Not envious at all lol.

Warren Baker said...

That's an early Goldfich youngster Tricia. They are quite late breeders.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, lovely photo's.
My real favourite, is your Little Grebe, with the chestnut cheeks, a little touch of white under the eye, and the 'powder puff' rear end. Also you did well with the Reed-Warbler, a very nimble little chap at the best of times.


Janine said...

Nice to see your new garden visitors. Your grebe shots are always amazing.

oldcrow61 said...

Great photos. Love the one of the heron having a scratch.

Glo said...

I enjoyed looking at your variety of birds today ~ although I have often seen herons here, I have never seen one having a scratch before. Great shot! The Grebes are fascinating!!

TonyC said...

You gotta love those grebes!!

Tricia said...

Hi Costas - I do appreciate all the wildlife I have not that far away!!

Keith - thank you. There's a great deal of skulking going on at the moment; and they're allergic to camera lenses :D The Jays are attracted to the garden by the surrounding oak trees and acorns!!

Warren - It's still the only one I've seen and yes, I would agree, very early!!

Paul - little Grebes are lovely aren't they! Was pleased to "grab" the Reed Warbler - I was trying to photograph the Little Grebe when it just popped up. All the wrong settings on the camera but still managed it!!

Janine - thank you. Alwasy lovely to see the youngsters arriving.

OC - I've never seen them do that before - it was very comical to watch; they've got such HUGE feet!!

Glo - Grebes are fascinating to watch. After those pictures they went off to have a sleep!!

Tony - lovely birds aren't they!

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