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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hither and thither... fledgling visitor

I've had a new addition to my garden. A couple of days ago the first fledgling visitor was a young Robin. He's been around for a couple of days now but yesterday, one of the two adults was aggressively chasing the youngster away. It's been feeding itself so perhaps the parent feels their job is done?

I seem to have lost a bit of "ooomph" at the moment and somehow the pictures won't come to me. So these are just some bits and pieces from various local visits.

At London Wetland Centre, high up in a building's wall, a Starling is nesting. This Jackdaw tried desperately to get it's head/beak into the nest but was unsuccessful. The parent Starling returned and managed to get into the nest and out again. Phew!!

A small blue butterfly landed briefly on the path..

Over in Bushy Park a male Mandarin Duck posed in a tree

Seems odd to see the bigger birds up there...

A tiny wren skulked deep in the new green growth peering at something down on the ground..

and along the streams some wonderful colour - Candelabra Primroses

And the Azaleas are a riot of colour

The pink blossom on this tree was mirrored in the pond below.
as were the azaleas and new green of the trees beside this pond

and wondering who was looking back at it, this young Egyptian Goose was reflected

A short stroll around Claremont Gardens produced some of the first English Bluebells of the season.

The trees at Claremont really are enormous and the colour wonderful.

Around the edge of the lake...

A long grassy "drive" carries the eye up to the building at the top. This, the Belvedere Tower, is not often open to the public and I seem to have missed the most recent opening. Hey ho, another time maybe.

And that's it till the next one......


Anonymous said...

Just love those mirror images. The young Robin soooo cute too.
Also the plants are are very good.

Tricia, kindness has nothing to do with it. You just have a very good eye, for the main photo.


holdingmoments said...

That little Robin looks so sad in the second shot. Awww, all alone in the big world. :(
Jackdaw? Good shot though. What a chancer. lol
And I just love that Bluebell picture. So simple, yet so good. A perfect background to it.

Gaina said...

Lovely photos. The robin looks quite miffed to have been chucked out! Haha.

Pic #3. Your 'Magpie' is a Jackdaw ;-).

Tricia said...

Paul - thank you :D I do rather like reflections regardless of the subject. Robin is a cutie and so forlorn lol

Keith - doesn't it just! I liked the simplicity of the few flower heads and short DoF for the background. I think the Robin must have know he was going to have an argument with a parent!

Keith and Gaina - yes it is a Jackdaw and post now amended. I think I must have had one of those "senior moments" LOL

Janine said...

What a sweet little robin.

karen said...

Tricia, your pics are as beautiful as ever, i dont know why you said that they are not coming to you!!!! Love the little Robin, i wonder why the parent was chasing it off??? Love the mandarin duck, so pretty, and the pics of the scenery and shrubs are just lovely xxxx

Tricia said...

Janine - he is rather a cutie eh :)

Karen - thank you. I've seen the youngster daily and two adults are still together. Perhaps they've got another nest!!

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