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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Down Cotswold way..

As ever I seem to be running to catch up with myself. I shall get round to visiting everyone's blogs in the next day or so and my apologies that I've not visited recently - family matters!!

I joined up with Pete for a few days down in the Cotswolds last week. Unfortunately the weather wasn't kind and seemed even worse given the wonderfully sunny days we'd had before last Wednesday!

I set off much earlier than needed but the motorways were being kind (everyone has gone elsewhere it seems :D ) and I moved along in record time. I stopped in Woodstock for a cup of coffee and a rather tasty Danish at a lovely bakery and cafe... very yummy!!

Woodstock - a pretty Cotswold Village but like all the villages in the area, car parking was along all the streets making getting a "pretty" picture almost impossible.

(This picture's for Mum :D )

This notice was situated as you approached one of the entrances to Bleinham Palace - I was entertained by the wording :D

I met up with Pete (initially at Tescos) but then at the Red Lion (took me a tadge longer than anticipated), then we headed out for the rest of the day.

The Rollright Stones - ancient monuments.

We had a lovely lunch at a nearby pub and
then on to Chastleton - I love the Cotswold stone with it's wonderfully warm colouring.

Lots of topiary which must keep someone employed in a very exacting way!

The flower Echinops seems to be everywhere this year. This is good news as bees from all over seem to love it!

and inside the house was this intriguing picture of a Red Deer Stage. The body was painted on the wall but the head and antlers were sculpted... most unusual!!

The beds were fascinating... difficult to imagine actually sleeping in them though..

amazing ceiling details in one of the rooms

A very old crib for a very young babe. The sides were latticed and not very strong so I would imagine that the babe was very very young to have had this as its bed.

Looking down the stairs... a long drop!

now - this is how cooking used to be done....(thank goodness it's changed)

OK - this was the first day and there were some great surprises over the next few days...

watch this space!!


Wilma said...

Glad to have you back, Tricia. We missed you! Those topiaries would haunt me in my dreams if I had to take care of them. Enjoyed photos very much.


Midmarsh John said...

You do find lovely places to explore. That is quite a kitchen range but not a nice place to work by the smoke stains above.

Roy said...

Its been quite surprising so far Tricia.

Bob Bushell said...

Nice pictures.

Chris said...

Welcome back and wow, it looks like you got a great trip to a very nice place. This first serie of pictures is promising and I'm eager to discover the surprise and the rest of the pictures.

Ragged Robin said...

Hope you enjoyed the holiday, Tricia, despite the weather. Lovely photos. I've added the Rollright Stones to my list of places to visit. Looking forward to reading more about your holiday and seeing more photos.

oldcrow61 said...

Those beds are marvelous. That stove is fascinating, quite a size too by the looks of it. The photos are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more.

Pete said...

longer than expected?

Trish "I'll be 10 mins."

It took her 45 minutes!!

For info Trish I had breakfast at 8:30 on the sunday and was at WOODSTOCK by 9:15!!!!

Pete said...

btw who got told off by one volunteer for taking photos without permission?

Tricia said...

Wilma - aw thank you (blush) The hedge cutting seems excessively hard work to me :D

John - Pete had a hand in choosing some of the gardens that I hadn't been to before.

Roy - life is full of little surprises :D

Bob - thank you very much.

Chris - thank you... The other pictures should be along soon - and rather a lot of them!!

RR - it was a great break and very enjoyable. The Rollrights are a bit hit and miss in my opinion. It's somewhere to visit if you're passing or in the area rather than making a dedicated trip to see them

OC - How about cooking on that daily eh? The beds are so high you'd have to take a running jump at them to get in lol

Pete - You say the nicest things!! And I had got permission - she just wanted to make her point - again!!

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