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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Still practicing..

The sun came out, it was warm, and there was a blue sky! I headed off for Barnes. Fairly quiet but some more birds coming in now. The water levels were quite high though.

A Hobby was seen hunting successfully.... not by me though.. And a family of Water Voles were about.

A kestrel taunted us high up above.,

A common Sandpiper wouldn't really come out into the open enough for a decent picture.,

The Little Grebe got its own back and used a Coot's nest for a quick nap :D

A Wood Pigeon was eyeing me eyeing him!

Lots of Migrant Hawkers around - some were still (ish)

and others flew backwards and forwards getting faster and faster

This damselfly sat on wood warmed by the sun
(think it's a Common Blue Drab female)

And a pair of dragons!!

And finally, another Wasp Spider. This one was very big and the nicely packaged lunch was a grasshopper/cricket!!


Pete said...

nice picks trish

Quantum Tiger said...

Love the dragonfly shots - particularly the first one

Ragged Robin said...

Glad you finally managed to get out following the week of rain! Great photos and I especially like the last one of the wasp spider.

Erica Lea said...

Beautiful series! I love the Wood Pigeon shot - such a funny pose, yet so pretty agains the background. Also love that flying dragonfly, and am envious of that shot:-)

holdingmoments said...

Dragon in flight, now stop that!! lol
Excellent shot Tricia.
Love the shot of the Wood Pigeon giving you the eye.

Naturedigital said...

Amazing photographs Tricia.
Thanks for sharing.

oldcrow61 said...

That wasp spider is amazing. Wonderful shots Tricia.

Glo said...

Very enjoyable variety of nature's creatures. That wasp spider is something else! I got a chuckle out of the wood pigeon's expression as well ;)

Chris said...

Beautiful set Tricia. I love the pigoen eyeing you eyeing him, and the spider shot is also very nice. You still have a lot to see there. It is empty now here!

Anonymous said...

Lots of good shooting here Tricia. That second Kestrel you caught nicely and the "in flight" Migrant Hawker.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, once again you have worked your magic with the camera!
They are all great, but for me your in flight Hawker,and Hovering Kes wow, superb.


Tricia said...

Thanks Pete ;)

Ian - thanks for popping by and for your comment.

RR - it was good to get out with the camera again. The Wasp spider was a very obliging subject!

Erica - hi again. I'm not a huge fan of pigeons but they do make me smile at times! And thank you ;)

Keith - Thank you and sorry I can't promise to stop it but I'll not have much trouble keeping it to a minimum - not easy subjects are they!

Costa - thank you and you're welcome

OC - clever things with that colouring aren't they!

Glo - thanks. Funny old wood pigeon eh :D

Chris - thanks. Sorry to hear your wildlife has gone... Ours it getting quieter but now waiting for the Autumn immigrants.

Roy - many thanks. The kestrel was so high and despite my wishing, it wouldn't come any nearer.

Hello Paul - thank you for your great comments. I'm still practising these flight shots... :D and with winter approaching I'll hope to improve.

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