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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Down Cotswold way (2)..Hidcote, Bourton and Snowshill.

Well the first full day (Thurday) and the sky wasn't giving out much light - pity really after all the excellent weather we'd had before this! My B&B was very comfortable and the top half of a converted barn. The planning permission was given for it's conversion but the original outside door had to be retained. This was great - a very old wooden door complete with original door furniture - the wood now getting old and had many slits in it. Those doing the conversion had cleverly built a "proper" door on the inside about 1 foot in... so character and privacy maintained in one :D

We started off at another NT garden - Hidcote Manor Garden. I've visited this garden before and still marvel at all it's hidden mysteries. It's a garden than continually surprises being made up of several different "rooms"; you wander through from one to another and around each corner some completely different! If you're near at any time, I can recommend visiting!

These were fascinating and cleverly placed to look reasonably "natural"

Despite the lack of sun (we weren't to see this during the stay!!) there was colour about

and some wildlife (look very closely)

We stopped by the cafe planning lunch - but the wasps were really annoying and some speculated that there was a wasp nest nearby. The very welcome visitors were House Sparrows constantly searching for crumbs. This fellow looks as though he's been through the taxing task of parenthood.

We were on our way to Sezincote (which didn't open till 2.00 p.m.). Not far from there is another wonderful garden - Bourton House Gardens A totally different style and maintained by just 2 gardeners.

This bed was amazing and the colours dazzled even on such a dull day - lovely :D

More topiary - these looking like slices of cake!!

I can thoroughly recommend the cafe at Bourton - particularly the cakes which are made by the ladies who serve in the cafe. Very yummy!!!

OK - over the road (almost) and turned into the drive for Sezincote - and that's as far as we got. A hand-written and very temporary notice advised that due to electricity problems (lack of electricity being the route cause) the house and gardens were shut. Now given that they're only open on a very few days of the week this was very disappointing. Never mind - there's always tomorrow - fingers crossed.

So a quick rethink and Snowshill Manor was suggested by Pete. This is somewhere I've wanted to visit in the past but it's not friendly for wheelchair users - it's all on a very steep slope!! So off we went.

It's a fascinating place and we wound our way up the grassy slope to the house and gardens at the top. Once there we were well rewarded with stunning views!

This was very ornate and somehow seemed out of place on the side of a Cotswold styled cottage.

Inside the small cottage/house where Mr and Mrs Charles Wade live, were constant reminders of how mod cons have considerably improved in this day and age! The main Manor house was where he housed his enormous collections - unfortunately we didn't have time to see the Manor house as it was timed entry and not till very much later on in the afternoon.

On our way back down were a few Sunflowers.... really cheery to see their sunny faces.

Despite the disappointment of not getting into Sezincote, it was a lovely day and so much beauty everywhere we went! And the next day (Monday).... well tomorrow is another day and another post.

(I normally try to keep the quantity of pictures in each post, down to an acceptable level. So if you've made it this far - very well done and thank you :D )


Pete said...

the first full day was a Thursday!!!

who's the fat git grinning inanely?

I was kind of expecting "Pete sitting down again" captions

Glo said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful gardens which look so well tended and colourful. It would be nice to have a couple of gardeners around :) What a clever idea about putting the inner door in the heritage building. There certainly are a plethora of gardens to visit! I wouldn't know where to start first.

The Early Birder said...

I know the countryside quite well (inc. the Rollright Stones so close to my friends at Whichford Pottery) but have never visited these gardens so thanks for showing me around. FAB.

Ragged Robin said...

I love the photos of Hidcote, Tricia - you really have done the gardens justice. Beautiful perennial beds and topiary at Bourton House Gardens and Snowshill looks well worth a visit too. Love the sunflower photo.

Janine said...

LOL @ "fat git" but really- nice to see your sunny smile!

Erica Lea said...

I'm drooling here! One of my biggest dreams is to visit the English countryside and gardens like Hidcote. I've truly enjoyed being able to share your journey through your beautiful photos:-) I even like your grey day!

Wilma said...

The photos of the gardens are fabulous! I'm not sure I could have withstood their splendor if the sun had been bright! ;-) No, really, I enjoyed the tour very much and am anxious to see the next couple of posts from your trip. You have a real eye for composition and a knack for entertaining text; I'm quite envious!


Tricia said...

That fat git was the one that kept wandering into several pictures ;)

Go - thanks - and yes I wish I could have brought those gardeners home with me. The doors were quite successful.

Frank - we passed Whichford Potter (or signs to it) more than once and I thought of you and the trips you used to make there)

RR - thanks - Both gardens very much worthy of visits and worth of re-visits too!

Janine - A much sunnier smile than the weather was :D

Erica - lovely to see you here and thank you for stopping by. Perhaps one day you'll be able to see these gardens for yourself.

I'm glad you've enjoyed our journey too.

Wilma - the sun would have only enhanced the views we had ;) and thank you for your very kind comments!

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