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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Sussex garden, Long Furlong and Worthing Beach

I'd promised Mum I'd take her out for a ride today - which I did.  After a visit to the doctor's we headed off.   The weather was glorious which made today possible for Mum to get out.  Photographically it couldn't have been better but I was limited to where I could go today.

Firstly, Mum's garden sang to the sound of sunshine with Autumn colour

From there we set off along a road called "Long Furlong".. the views are great and vary almost daily.  I couldn't stop where would have been best but managed to find a layby for a couple of pics

We drove to Chichester for some shopping requirements and then back for a sandwich at Julia's kitchen - this is a new cafe and does some really great food... ours was a sandwich with salad - I can recommend it for food and excellent service.

Having left Mum and had a few minutes before another commitment.. I headed off to spend half an hour at the beach near Worthing pier.  It was beautifully warm and folks were sitting outside the cafes on the pier enjoying the warmth of the sun.

It would be great to think this weather's going to continue.. but having looked at the forecast, I'm not holding my breath.  Nonetheless, it was good to be out for however short a time.

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