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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Rain. the Wallace Collection and The Swiss Piano Trio

I'ts concert weekend.  The plan was to go early and have a wander in St. James' Park or the like.  Torrential rain battered the windows as dawn broke.

Pete came up with the idea of visiting The Wallace Collection   Brownie points earned.  It is the most amazing collection of pictures and artifacts.. not least of which is the decor of the individual rooms.

We stopped for brekkie at Pret's - yum yum :D

En route we passed St Christopher's Street..- it was still chucking it down with rain!

Such a familiar picture - The Laughing Cavalier

This is a drinking fountain (many of which had been given by Wallace to the city of Paris - although this is a later version of those) outside Hertford House (which houses the collection) - one of which we had seen in Paris (Pete's picture) and from the Wallace website:

He left however a permanent legacy in the famous cast iron drinking fountains presented by him to the city of Paris. Both the 4th Marquess and Sir Richard Wallace died in Paris, at Bagatelle, and they are buried with other members of the family in Père Lachaise cemetery

and on the way back to Wigmore Hall, the rain had stopped.. not that there was much difference in the colour of the sky though ;)

On to Wigmore Hall and in the dry again, today's concert:

Swiss Piano Trio playing:

Mozart's Piano Trio in C K548 (1788)
Schumann's Phantasiestucke Op. 88 (1842)
Mendelssohn's Piano Trio No. 1 oin D minor Op.49 (1839)

Excellent played and the Mozart was my number one piece for today.

As we got off the train at the 'home' station, a vintage bus was parked outside the station....

Home for a cuppa after a much better morning out than the weather originally suggested and an excellent concert as well :D


Anonymous said...

WOW! Such magnificent art and decor. So ornate, it is difficult to imagine how some lived so many years ago.

oldcrow61 said...

Such lovely things. The paintings are wonderful.

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