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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nymans... a wet stroll....

I met up with Pete and one of our fav camera shops today... 'nuff said :D

The forecast had changed and the promised rain... was unrelenting.  We went off to Nyman's Gardens for a cuppa - we had cake - wonder who's idea that was?  It was raining but we head off around the gardens regardless.. lots of autumn colour.

Saw a few Goldcrests flitting about in the conifers, which was nice!

Had a sarnie before heading off; disappointingly the sarnies weren't that good today.....(

BUT... great to have a stroll, however much curtailed by the rain, and blow away the cobwebs!


Pete said...

nice stroll. want to got back in summer

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gardens, glad the weather didn't stop you from enjoying them. I just love the old buildings.

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