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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Warnham Nature Reserve - a pair of Pintails

Had a quick trip into Warnham today on the way to do some shopping.

Great to see a pair of Pintails.  Initially they were miles over on the other side from the Kingfisher Hide but something flushed everything out and they came a little nearer.  Also a couple of Redpolls in the feeder area. Lovely sunshine but something up with the camera I think.. having real focusing problems but, there was some smoke from a bonfire somewhere close so this may have thrown everything off.

Red Polls

The one that got away.

Pair of Pintails, Great Crested Grebe, Coot and Mallard!

Pochards.. spot the odd one out!

Dozen of gulls on the lake.. and a quarrelsome pair of Black-headed Gulls

1 comment:

Rohrerbot said...

WOW!!! Nice finds! A lot of them I have not seen. Love your birds on the feeders. As for the smoke, it will do that and mess with the focusing....drives me nuts. It's similar to trying and snap a picture of something through the window. Had the same issue awhile back. Another one we deal with here in the desert is the instense sun rays which also have an effect on shots of the birds.

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