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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Warnham Nature Reserve in the sunshine

The day started off very very wet.. there had been torrential rain overnight.  We then had heavy showers with interludes of sun.

Just as I left this morning I checked the feeders: about 15 Goldfinches, several Greenfinches, a couple or three Blue Tits, a couple of collared doves and, as a first time visitor, a Nuthatch... nice garden visitor :D

Visited Mum this morning then decided to nip into Warnham on the way home.  The Osprey hasn't been seen for about a week now, I understand, so it may have departed..  A little Grebe was feeding and a solitary Great Crested Grebe.

The Greylag Geese that were there on my last visit had gone.. so just a stopping off place.

Finally had some sunshine which brought the autumn colour out on the trees.

The water was racing through the sluice gates, so I walked along the road to get these views of it.

I then crossed the road and was rewarded with a view back under the bridge.

Just a quick visit but good to have a few minutes in some sunshine!


holdingmoments said...

That river looks pretty swollen tricia.
A good number of Goldfinches in the garden. Had lots here too.

Tricia said...

Thanks Keith.
I think it must be drop in temperature and shorter daylight hours... they were all over Mum's feeders too :D

Rohrerbot said...

Love the Goldfinches. I like how you grab the opportunity when it arrives. I do the same:) You never know what you'll find.

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