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Saturday, 12 January 2013

A brief trip to Barnes....(London Wetland Centre)

Didn't really know where to go today.  Woke up hearing rain on the window, but the forecast for further north was dry, if not just as grey, rather than wet in my area.

I need a replacement pair of wellie boots without paying in excess of £40.00 for a pair.... ye gods I can't believe wellie boots can cost so much!!  There's a very good garden centre in Chessington which is enroute to Barnes.. so thought I'd drive up.

The rain stopped as I got further north; stopped at the garden centre.... oh no, they'd sold out of the cheaper variety so dipped on those!

Really heavy traffic on the A3 near Roehampton so took me a good 20 minutes longer than it should have done.

Very few people about at Barnes and even lighter on birds... nothing of particular interest that I could see.

So only a very few pics today but some favourites.

There were four Coots all having a bit of an argument...

A Grey Heron flew over.... about as exciting as it got today..

And this friendly robin sat on the fence singing sotto voce - lovely to hear
Ooh.... what's that up there?

Ah.. there's something looking at me!

What is that focused on me?... should I be worried?
Good to get some fresh air for a bit.  Came back through Richmond Park to avoid the congested traffic.. as I drove (the 20 mph speed limit is good), a Green Woodie bounded away from the side of the road... nice to see.

And tomorrow... well the cold will be getting... colder!!


Dartford Warbler said...

I love the robin photos. I heard a great tit calling this morning when I was walking through the woods, but it is the robin that really keeps the birdsong going in these grey winter days.

Wilma said...

Ironic that you headed to the wetlands so you would be drier...

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely robin photos Tricia.

I buy my wellies from a shoe shop called Brantano. Green Dunlop style wellies - last time I bought some they were only about £10 per pair.

Tricia said...

Thanks Dartford Warbler.. Robins keep us going in winter.

Wilma - I know.. sounds daft eh..

RR - Thanks for the tip. I'd tried Brantano but they'd sold out... think most shops have given the wet and now the forecast snow!!

Pete said...

i sympathise with the awful light.

good old Robin eh!

Emma said...

Hmm, good job! This is really something!

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