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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Waxwings - at last!

Right.. where to today? Pete had identified 3 possible locations for Waxwings.  We left in dull, dull weather and the skies remained... dull and grey - and yes, off for a 'twitch' :D

After not too much trying, there!! where?!! up in that tree!.   And so there were - about 20 or more of the little beauties. Where?  On the road into Foxton in Cambridgeshire. The light was dire, but the cameras came out.  The waxwings were mostly in the tree but occasionally came down to eat of the berries and back again into the tree.

After we drove off we headed to Foxton - a very pretty thatched-cottage village and saw another two groups - about 10 ish in total - so we reckoned about 40 in today for the day... woo hoo.

Mostly records shots but by the end of the day the skies had cleared somewhat and, after lunch and a walk around Anglesey Abbey we came back and re-discovered them.

And at Anglesey Abbey so much winter colour and the scent from the ~Christmas Box was intense and delightful.

The first snowdrops this year.. in a couple of weeks' time, there will be many many more so I think I return visit is on the cards :D

A good day out and finally we got a bit of sunshine!


holdingmoments said...

Glad you got to see the Waxy's Tricia.
They really are such fantastic birds.
Lots of signs of spring in the pictures too.

Tricia said...

Was so pleased to see them, Keith and it really was springlike today.. really mild!

Roy Norris said...

Nice captures of the Waxwings Tricia.

Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

Beautiful finds.
Happy New Year.

Tricia said...

Hi Roy... thank you

Hi Costas.. thank you and a Happy New Year to you too...

oldcrow61 said...

A wealth of interesting shots here. Great stuff!

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