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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

WWT Arundel for the Bittern.... I dipped!

Having heard there was a Bittern at WWT Arundel yesterday, I called in en route to see Mum.  It was freezing and very icy underfoot... managed to skid at the entrance.. not good!!

The sun was intermittent and a slight breeze keeping the temperature rather on the cold side.  But.. I'm not complaining as it could have been snowing so I am very very pleased it wasn't.

Just a few pics from around the reserve.

Some of the WWT staff were filling up the feeders... about 7 Pheasants were glad to see them


As was this female blackbird... rather affronted at being photographed during breakfast!

For a brief few moments the sun came out... the colours were lovely as a result!

Robins everywhere... I do love Robins

This Robin went from post to post ahead of me as we travelled down the path

Dunnocks were very evident and lots of flicking wings... this one tried to outstare the lens!

Mallards were feeling affectionate despite the cold...

Poor girl... I'm surprised she had any head feathers left!

and.... relax!

Male Pheasant... such amazing colours and markings!

A collection bird..took this through chain link fencing so was lucky to get this!

and to end... an obliging Goldfinch perched very near... (full frame picture)
May have dipped on the Bittern... but nice to have a quick walk around the reserve.. and I was so cold I was forced to have a hot chocolate with.. cream... and marshallows.... (don't tell anyone though....)


Wilma said...

Glad you braved the cold to get those photos, Tricia! You deserve the hot chocolate with all the "fix ins" as we say in the US.

Tricia said...

Thanks Wilma... definitely had the 'fix ins'.... really enjoyed it :D

Terry said...

Your Robins and Goldfinches are quite different from ours. nice photos. Hope you enjoyed that hot chocolate.

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