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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Giselle.... amazing...

Last week saw us watching a modern production of Swan Lake... this week a whole different kettle of fish - Giselle - one of the most romantic of ballets being performed by The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden - produced by Peter Wright.  Music was the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House and conducted by Boris Gruzin.

The music, which is good but not spectacular, is by Adolphe Adam.

The lead of Giselle was danced superbly by Lauren Cuthbertson, with Albreht danced by Federico Bonelli and Hilarion by Johannes Stepanek.  Frederico Bonelli had a demanding role in Act II, having to look exhausted while completing some jumps requiring much energy.

The scenery was so apt and Act 1 got underway with beautiful scene with the villagers celebrating tje end of the grape harvest.  The costumes, lighting and scenery being beautifully done.

The story unfolds and is danced so beautifully by the lead dancers and all those in the supporting roles. The curtain comes down on Act 1 where Giselle broken-heartedly kills herself having discovered her lover is engaged to someone else.

Act 2, with the Wilis weaving their spell was astounding.  The grace and ethereal quality of the dancing left me wanting more.    As a Corp de Ballet this takes some beating with the standard of dancing and, in particular, the timing and synchronisation of movement - I just didn't want it to stop.

The staging/lighting of this Act was very clever and really gave the impression of wispy creatures, dancing in the woods- almost there at the beginning and then becoming more visible.

And finally it's over - far too soon... it was beautifully danced and so very moving.  One of my favourite ballets and one I haven't seen since I was a young girl wanting to be a ballerina.

Whilst I did end up in the Ballroom Dancing arena, I suppose it's every little girls dream to be able to be a 'Giselle'...

At the Royal Opera House

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