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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Swan Lake - the modern version by Matthew Bourne.

We went to see Swan Lake - the Matthew Bourne production, at Sadlers Wells today.  I'd seen modern ballet in the past but they were set pieces in their own right, and not another 'take' on an existing and traditional ballet.

So what did I think?

I'd gone with an open mind so no preconceived ideas of presentation etc. etc.

I'm not sure that it was for me.....  the story was based on the original of Swan Lake and in the main, followed the story line.  The swan and cygnet were danced by males but that wasn't a problem .  The principal swan danced exceedingly well and with dynamism and energy.  The 'corps de ballet' swans also gave a good performance but, in my humble opinion only, were a little 'ragged' at times.

There were a great deal of intentionally humourous moments  in the ballet but, I would have preferred it without.  Some moments seemed a little over the top for my taste.  The costumes and scenery were good...

So, did I enjoy it?  In part, yes - .  The final dance sequence as the Prince dies was very dramatic, forceful and emotive... in general I did enjoy it for the dancing, ... I'm keen to see modern dance when it's written as modern dance, but I'm too much of a traditionalist to see a modern interpretation of a traditional ballet.

But at the end of the day, would I see it again?  No - I don't think I would

The dancer taking the part of the swan was excellent and outshone the performance of the Prince!

In January 2015 (!!) we've booked to see the traditional version with the English National Ballet which, I'm sure, I will thoroughly enjoy.

It was an interesting experience today and the music, of course, was excellent... Tchaikosvsky...

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