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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Nymans - in brief

I met a good friend at Nymans today.. the forecast was for light cloud... the actual weather? Heavy rain!!... and then after we'd had lunch the rain stopped.. so we decided to have another trip around the gardens - minus the umbrella -  and the sun shone!!

I'd had my "wet weather" camera (Panasonic GM1) in my bag and finally was able to put it to use!!

So many of the trees had great amount of lichen growing.. rather like little green lights in the low-angled sunlight.  Spose it must be as a result of all the rain and wet we've had!!!

Lots of snowdrops growing and in bloom!

Great to see so many cyclamen growing...

Thanks, my friend, was good to walk and talk :)


Glo said...

The cyclamens are so pretty ~ and also the snowdrops. I'll have to have a look outside and see if there any signs here. Looks like a wonderful place for a walk and talk. Loved the photos.

Roy Norris said...

Some very welcomed flower colouring Tricia, lovely. Especially after all the lousy weather we are still having.

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