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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Water, water everywhere, Worthing & Pulborough

I had reason to go into Worthing today.... so decided to have a quick sandwich at the Beach Cafe.  The wind was strong and the tide not too far in... windsurfers were taking advantage of the conditions.

The wind was whipping up a lot of spray so my lens got covered in water spots!!

As the sun was shining I went on to Widewater where I discovered 6 Mergansers only, today.

The photographic conditions were dreadful - straight into the sun and glare on the water so record shots only!

The two males were displaying and quite aggressive with each other

On my way home I took a detour via the flooded Pulborough

This shot taken between two blocks of flats - this is looking out over green fields!!

None of the water in the following pictures should be there - it's all fields!!

and then, having walked back and over the bridge this was the view from the other side.  I had considered buying a flat here when I moved to the area a couple of years' ago.  At the time, I thought it was good to look over green fields!!!

At the beginning of the A29... the fence marks the boundary of....... the car park!!

The central tree in the picture is the right-hand side of the road!!

There were three dedicated Environment Agency grew manning the pumps.   This is a 24-hour operation to pump the water away from the houses near the 'water's edge'

An afternoon of contrasts!!


Glo said...

I'm wondering if you ever go to Amberley? Just checked your links and see you visited in January of 2010. I was wondering if it was suffering from flooding ~ I remember reading the history when I visited there nearly 10 years ago, and how the hems of the skirts of the ladies of the day were yellow at the bottom from dragging through the wet streets.
PS do you need to use the code letters for moderation, because they are so hard to read. Many people have stopped using that option and just removed anonymous from the comment list to stop scammers.

Tricia Ryder said...

Many thanks for your comments, Glo and I have now removed the code letters.. I was getting a great deal of spam!!

I've not been to Amberley recently but might be worth checking out though!!

Roy Norris said...

Hi Tricia, watch out for salty sea spray as its very corrosive on equipment.

Tricia Ryder said...

Hi Roy... thanks for that. I was more like a light mist - so annoying but I got the cameras back in their bag as soon as I could. Some lens cleaning coming up though :D

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