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Monday, 6 January 2014

Warnham LNR or aka Warnham on sea...

I needed some fresh air so I popped over the Warnham.  I say popped, but due to local flooding I had to go further afield to get there than originally thought.

The Tern Hide was the only accessible hide open.  The 'lake' was extensive... the Tern rafts no longer visible neither the tern perches!!

There were about 4 Cormorants.. this one had found a small piece of land.  The Woodpecker hide in the background was inaccessible.

Greylags clinging on to a small piece of dry land..

There were 6 chickens on the reserve today.. and I tried to move away from them to take the pictures but they kept following me... and the quickerI got..... they quicker they got :)

erm, erm..... this is the path to the birdfeeder hide....

who stole the path?

A mute swan had found a small piece of land to perch on.....

After my rather short visit to the reserve, I walked down the road a bit.... this is the weir from the lake.. the water was pouring over the edge..

I crossed over the road and this is the view from the other side of the road bridge..

Water flowing incredibly fast...

and yet, albeit the ground was very very soggy, the golf course view was tranquil by comparison.

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