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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Chichester Cathedral Flower Festival 2014 ... an explosion of colour and creativity!

A spur of the moment decision, and I headed off for Chichester Cathedral for the 2014 Flower Festival...  and this year's theme?  'The Music Makers'


"This majestic nine hundred year-old Cathedral will be transformed with over ninety stunning arrangements, all following the theme of the Festival's title: The Music Makers. A dazzling array of imaginative and beautiful flower designs will interpret twelve centuries of music: from pop to plainsong, classics to jazz, sacred to secular."
It was a very grey day as I arrived.... but..

I found the shop to buy my ticket.. great  - some still available..

along the cloisters

and then into the Cathedral

what can I say.... flower arrangements is a totally inadequate expression of what I saw... it was jaw-droppingly amazing in the sculptures of flowers - I just wish I was back there.. there was so much to take in...

I shall say no more except, enjoy!

This, probably one of my favourites!

This entitled 'Stranger on the shore'

'Swan Lake'

Amazing... I would love to go back and take it all in again :D

So much talent!

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

What a beautiful and amazing display of colour and photos :) I'd have spent hours there. Truly stunning. Lovely photos - thanks so much for sharing :)

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