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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Verona Day 4..visiting Padua/Padova

Up and out early to catch the train to Padua.

We had prebooked tickets to see th eCapella degli Scrovegni

No pictures, so scanned copies of post cards.  It really had the most amazing pictures...!!

Some pics of the University

A cup of coffee before walking further ... to Piazza delle Erbe and the Palazzo delle Ragione

Amazing market.. a huge Fruit & Veg market in this area..

and then to the Duomo and Baptistery

some pretty amazing frescos in the Baptistery

We were warned that the Duomo was about to close (not what our information had stated) so we only had about 5 mins..

We had slices of pizzas and a cold drink in a small take-away cafe... one of the best pizzas and used by many of the locals.

and this was the fish and meat market!

The Basilica del Santo - no pics allowed so we bought postcards and scanned them.

and next.. a visit to the Botanical Gardens.  Prime birds of the visit? a family of common Redstart.

and the largest square in Italy - the Prato della Valle

A lizard (Italian Wall Lizard?) scampered away..

and finally, after a sit in the garden, back to the station for the ride home before having a brush up,  and off out for dinner.... another excellent day.

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