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Friday, 23 May 2014

Verona Day 7 - we're packed to go home...

So.... case packing done and stored in the hotel till later, after brekkie we headed out for a last wander around the town....

Piazza Bra..

Not what you would expect as far as window displays go :)

and off to Romeo & Juliet museum and THE (fictional) balcony..

The museum was on 4 floors so up we went..

Pete - posing on Juliet's balcony :)

and then a climb to the top of...Toree dei Lamberti - the first part of the climb was quite easy... by the lift :)

We stopped at one of the many restaurants in Piazza Bra, for lunch, with the amphitheatre as our view.

and finally, for a bit of relaxation and in the sunshine this time, a visit to the 15th century gardens.. Giardino Giusti

and finally, relaxing with books on the grass.... with the daisies..

and eventually, we headed back to the hotel for transport to the airport and the evening journey home.

Fantastic holiday, great company and I'll sum up in another post...

Arrivederci, Verona... until the next time...


Roy Norris said...

Thanks for showing us the fantastic trip and super images Tricia.
Hopefully Pete didn't start singing on that balcony.

Tricia Ryder said...

Thanks Frank.

and no, Pete remained silent :)

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