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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Coppelia on a hot day in London

We left early for London today... off to see Coppelia at the London Coliseum with the English National Ballet.  After several days of high heat in the UK, this morning was very pleasantly cool to begin with!

 It was a very pleasant ballet; nothing out of this world in terms of choreography but a tale of a bridal couple, an eccentric maker of dolls and a harvest dance.  The Ballet's been described as good family entertainment and that it certainly ways.

The story line is of a couple about to be married.  Franz gets distracted by an attractive girl - Coppelia- sitting reading a book on the balcony of Doctor Coppelius.  Coppelia is, in fact, a doll.  Swanhilda - Franz's bride to be gets a little jealous of his attempts to attract, unsuccessfully, the attentions of Coppelia.

Swanhilda and her friends gain access to the Doctor's home (finding the house key that the doctor dropped), and spend sometime there.  The Doctor returns, the girls then fleeing (with the exception of Swanhilda) and Franz then gains access up the ladder and over the balcony.  The doctor uses Franz's energy to motivate the doll -  Swanhilda having changed places with her .. and and and.... hmmm - hardly any story line really.

The music composed by Leo Delibes was so familiar having virtually grown up listening to most of the music.

I'm sure this will sound familiar..

The dancing was good, the costumes were pretty and it was a very 'pleasant' but unchallenging ballet.  It was enjoyable to watch but not one I'd rush back to see again.

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