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Monday, 21 July 2014

Munich Day 3 - Tuesday... just strolling..

Today we were going for a stroll through the Englisher Garten...

A built white water where the guys were entertaing with their white-water boarding!

ooooh a Purple Emporer.. my first  well chuffed :D

Another walk today...

Through the gardens..

and along the river..

Goosanders.... 5 of them on the river and being fed by a someone from the promenade above..

and a Juvenile Goldeneye

5 Gooseanders in the River - wooo hooo

and tomorrow... another type of garden :)


Roy Norris said...

Hi Tricia, as a matter of interest I think the butterfly is a female Purple Emperor.

Tricia Ryder said...

Hi Roy.. it certainly is a Purple Emporer - just updating the blog before your comment came through.

Wouldn't know if it was a female though.. what's the clue?

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