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Friday, 26 June 2015

Bushy Park and Claremont Gardens - National Cream Tea Day... finally revisited...

I've been planning to go back to one of my favourite places for sometime now.  I used to live about 2 miles from Bushy Park and it was my retreat.  The place I would always go when I needed to clear my mind and think!! .. well today I got back... and the memories came flooding back too.. some excellent some good.. and some I want to bury forever!!

On the way to Bushy Park,  I drove past my former house... perhaps not the best thing to do!!

One of the first birds I heard was... a Ring-knecked Parakeet.. used to get dozens in my garden when I lived close by.

I parked in the Woodland Gardens car park and had a walk.  Lovely to see a Jay.. something I don't see so often where I am now.. not wooded enough!

It was cloudy when I first started my walk..

This tree was barricaded... I can only assume that these caterpillars on the trunk were not very friendly.. no idea what they are!!

A Speckled Wood

and, one of the reasons for my visit... a Banded Damoiselle...

There were three rabbits who weren't the least bit concerned that I was sitting on the grass nearby taking pics of them..

Above one of the ponds, a Grey Heron sat.. or stood!

and higher up in the tree. one that was being anti-social..

Ponders was looking for some relatives!!

Red Crested Pochard..

Juvenile Egyptian Goose

Two of five cygnets

Coot having a bath

Jackdaw gazing...

Grey Heron posing..

Male Tufted Duck

Many fish swimming in the spot where I've seen them many times before..

and by now I was getting peckish as it was almost luchtime.

Today is National Cream Tea day... so I headed off to Claremont Gardens... my memory reminding me their scones were always good..

and today.. they were excellent.  Lovely and crunchy on the outside and so light on the inside.  So I 'forced' myself to have jam and cream today.. having made an exception to my own rule of .. 'only at weekends' for a cream tea!.. my weight is definitely in need of reducing.. The scone was first class scoring 5 stars.. one of the best I've had!! thank you Chef..

Mr. Ponders definitely approved

and gave the jam and cream his approval.. phew!! :)

so having had a cream tea, I needed to walk it off... The sun was hot, the sky was blue.. and it was gorgeous!!

I'd been standing still when a young Canada Goose walked up to me.. its parent took exception.. I backed off!!

On another of the white seats..

I had an OC moment here... :)

A male mallard was having a rest on a coot's nest... the coot definitely didn't approve!!

Ponders - who would like a swim!!

Volunteering to be an assistant for helping visitors into the boats.... sorry Ponders.. don't think you're big enough!!

Ponders.. in the 'pink'

There have been two black swans on the lake for as long as I can remember.  Today there was only one.. BUT!! it was attacking a young Greylag Goose.. had it by the neck and was pushing it under the water.  The youngster finally got away.  I understand this was also happening yesterday as well.

And finally on my way home.

It was a great day

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Herons are crazily obliging when it comes to posing for shots, I think!

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