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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Polesden Lacey in the June sunshine!

I met up with a friend today and we were at Polesden Lacey.

Started off by walking down the hill and through the fields with a steepish climb back up to the house and gardens.

By now twas time for a cuppa and a bite to it for lunch.  I indulged in a "Sconch" and Polesden's fruit scone was up to its usual high standard.. light and crumbly and very fresh and fruity... Thanks to the scone baker!!

Delphiniums were gorgeous as were the rest of the flowers in the blue border!

The rose garden was so colourful and full of scent... heavenly!!

and the Peonies really are doing well this year... as I've seen elsewhere!!

Bee with a white tail... presume White Tailed Bee but any IDs would be welcome please :D

Lovely day in good company and fantastic weather - warm and sunny....


Wilma said...

Such a beautiful place, Tricia. What is the plant in photo 15 (of 44!)? And I particularly like photo 28 through the window in the garden wall.

Roy Norris said...

The Bee Tricia, difficult to tell from this angle copy and keep the link below for future ref.

Tricia Ryder said...

Hi Wilma.... I don't know its name.. there was a label but I didn't make a note of it... most unusual though.

Frank - thank you for the link.... a very handy site!

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