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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Warnham.. a few days ago..

I'm not able to get out much at the moment but a couple of days ago I did get to Warnham for a quick visit.

The lake sported 1. a pair of nesting Grebes, and 2 a pair of Mute Swans... there were 7 cygnets originally.  Then they were reduced to 4 - and sadly - now they are all gone.  They all didn't survive last year it seems and an aggressive Dad may be responsible for their demise

There are four Common Terns again.  At one point 1 pair left because...

.... a pair of Egyptian Geese had 'taken over' the Tern Raft..

But given the geese are at one end and the terns are at the other, perhaps a compromise has bee reached. The other Tern pair were on the other Tern raft.

And a budding orchestral conductor..... :)

and then an afternoon nap..

Sometimes, Tufties don't look very happy......

and just who do you think you are taking pics of me!!!

Along the boardwalk I passed this fungus.. I THINK it's called Shelf Fungus?...

Nice to stretch my legs albeit it was a quiet day bird wise.

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Wilma said...

That sunshine looks great.

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